Brew your own Ginger or Pine-Apple Beer within 24 hours (1 day - overnight).

Our Beer Brew Powder Mixes are formulated for ease of use, maintaining the taste, even after the brewing process. The Ginger Beer maintains a natural pungent ginger smell and taste, reminiscent of way back then, the classical way, as it was originally done. The

Pine-Apple Beer is the same, zesty, fruity, and tasty.

Note this is a PRODUCT formulated for brewing; by the addition of the brewer’s yeast, it naturally generates an alcohol component in the final “ready to drink” finished product.

Once brewed, CAUTION is to be exercised in consumption of the finished product, because of the alcohol content.

Complete content Pack / Sachet per CARTON (500g) Delivers 5 liters.

NO yeast, NO brew and NO alcohol.

Please read the information and basic preparation instructions on the reverse side of the CARTON/ packaging.

1. Use a clean bucket or container that can hold
at least 5 litres of water.

2. Add 5 litres of lukewarm water (NOT HOT) to
the bucket or container.

3. Gently/slowly empty the sugar portion of the sachet into the water and stir until the sugar has dissolved.
Add the yeast and stir gently.
4. Cover the bucket or container with a
suitable lid or plate.

5. Placing the bucket or container in a safe place
(indoors), allowing the brew mix to stand for 24 hours, out of direct sunlight.

6. The longer the brew/mix stands,
the stronger the alcohol component becomes.

The beer will remain sweet and retain it's flavour.
You can achieve 5 - 8% alcohol by volume.

The brewing process releases gas (CO
2) naturally.

(If you bottle it while the beer is still brewing, the
pressure will build up in the bottle, so open slowly.)

Do not shake the bottle before opening,
as the beer will get very fizzy).

7. REMEMBER If you do not want to brew
alcohol, don't add the yeast.


Preperation Instructions

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Product Specifications